Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please check out the new blog at

Well friends, it's been lovely hanging with you here, but we're striking the tent at Blogspot and building a new civilization at the THERE FROM HERE BLOG at

I began this blog in January because I liked the ease of the blogger software. At the same time, posting here marooned my extensive web site over at

So after some thought, and a lengthy redesign, the old web site has been improved. And it combines the blog stuff I hope you've enjoyed here at blogger with the deeper-album-cut resources that were on the old web site.

This means that this blog HERE will essentially go into mothballs now, which is a shame in a way, but most of the highlights have been moved over to the new site.

All of which means, from here on out, please visit me at; you'll find my resources there as well as the ongoing commentary you've read here, as well as comments from the generous followers and visitors to this site.

Thanks, and see you over there!

Jenny Boylan
July 2009